1653. A young spy is on her first mission for the exiled King Charles II. However Lady Laurette Miles soon discovers any allegiance can become tainted in the stormy waters of Oliver Cromwell’s England. When she unearths a traitor, can Laurette prevent an assassination that would destroy their cause and her own future forever?

A Treachery Of Spies is Charlotte Gray meets The Musketeers. It focuses on a heroine with a talent for disguise, codebreaking and horseriding. With action sequences such as a prison break from the Tower of London, there is something for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Simon Scarrow. Although not a romance in the vein of Elizabeth Chadwick or Philippa Gregory, there is a simmering sexual tension between two agents.

My protagonists are fictional. However real-life people such as spymaster John Thurloe and King Charles II do make cameo appearances.

Historical fiction author seeks agent

A Treachery Of Spies is my first novel. It’s 94,000 words long and the manuscript is complete. I’m currently working on Laurette’s next mission in Copenhagen and York. If you’re an UK literary agent who’d like me to send some example chapters, please contact me at helen[at]hjreynolds.co.uk

Helpful seventeenth century adventure resources

Write what you know. Or spend days on Google and in the library.

Researching the politics and culture of The Interregnum has meant disappearing down many rabbit holes of articles and references. Whether you’re an historical fiction author or reader, you’re welcome to take a look at my seventeenth century resources and writing resources.

The British Library is an incomparable resource for delving into the past. As I’m based in North Yorkshire, their reading room at Boston Spa near York has been a revelation.

I’m also documenting my favourite historical oddities and publication tips. Check out my articles.